"As a professional in parapsychology, I have worked with many psychics. When the opportunity to work with Deborah arose, I figured she would be just another crystal slinging, chant speaking psychic. In both dealing with, and working with Deborah, I have had nothing but a positive experience, free of cliché!" >> MORE  
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Personal Story

I have had psychic ability all of my life. As a young child, I had knowledge about things that seemed to be more than mere coincidence. At age five, I started to have psychic visions. I was able to see past (retrocognition) present (clairvoyance) and future (precognition) events. I also began to connect with the spirit world. I recognized early on that what I was experiencing was out of the ordinary.

As I grew older, my clairsentience continued to develop. By my late teens, I had a heightened level of awareness and sensitivity that made me feel psychically connected all the time. I had a profound sense that all of this was happening for a reason, but never imagined that I would become a professional psychic. Events would soon reveal my destiny.

In my mid twenties, I wanted to share my interest in spirituality and decided to open a metaphysical bookstore on Queen Street West in Toronto. Encouraged by those aware of my ability, I also began to offer in-store psychic readings. Word spread quickly and soon my readings were in regular demand.

A local Toronto, Canada radio station heard about the store and thought I would be an interesting guest, so I agreed to be on their afternoon talk show. When I arrived at the station, ready to do a promotional interview for the store, imagine my surprise, when I was asked instead to do psychic readings live on air. I had no idea that I had already earned a reputation as a psychic. With little time for reluctance, I agreed to accept this impromptu request. I read on air for the next hour and the audience response was tremendous. I have been reading full time for the public ever since.

My Books: Man Being Book Series

In this book series I speak with beings who have crossed over as well as highly evolved light beings. This is a fun project where I get to use my psychic mediumship skills and also get to channel. I am the Dramos in Dramos and Bohemias.  The book series was created from my direct voice medium work.  Some of the  original excerpts are found here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCK3SvgtMLul8sKvElvTwCNw/about

Please check out  forum.dramosandbohemias.com/

Media Bio

 Widely known for her sharp wit and no nonsense approach to the paranormal, Deborah has been a regular highlight in the media as well a consultant for film and television productions, over the past 30 years. She is also known as Dramos, The direct voice medium and channeler of the Man Being Book Series. 



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