"As a professional in parapsychology, I have worked with many psychics. When the opportunity to work with Deborah arose, I figured she would be just another crystal slinging, chant speaking psychic. In both dealing with, and working with Deborah, I have had nothing but a positive experience, free of cliché!" >> MORE  
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In 1993, I made my media debut on a Toronto, Canada radio talk show.

I continue to make regular guest appearances on radio and television shows that have included: CBC Radio, CBC Newsworld and MuchMusic. National Newspapers such as the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and National Post have all featured me in various articles. I've been listed in Chatelaine Magazine's "Who's Who of Canadian Women" and was voted in the Best Psychic in 1999 by Toronto's Now Magazine.

For a list of my media credits, click here.

Here is a sampling of feature stories:

TV, eh?
TV, eh? feb 8 2011 podcast interview with Craig Olejnik and Ennis Esmer from CTV's The Listener. Craig talks about his experience working with Deborah on the television show (27 min mark) and Ennis jokes around about his mandatory in person psychic reading with Deborah. (59 min mark). Click here to download podcast

Crystal Ball Gazing
Toronto Star, 2010 - by Cathal Kelly
For the fourth year running, The Star turned to local clairvoyant Deborah Levin...

The Dark Crystal
Toronto Star, 2010 - by Cathal Kelly
Deborah Levin says she sees plenty of medals for Canada...
Bringing It All Home
Toronto Sun, 2009 - by Terry Poulton
The state of real estate-some different views on the year ahead

A Frustrating Year Ahead?
Toronto Star, 2009 - by Cathal Kelly
'Wins and Losses Dont Matter'. Leafs Coach Ron Wilson's credo (above) will be put to the test in 2009, the Psychic says.


Crystal Ball Economics
Toronto Star, 2009 - by Kenyon Wallace
"Sometimes psychics can see things from a different angle."


Future Not Crystal Clear
Toronto Sun, 2008 - by Colin Perkel, Canadian Press
Toronto Clairvoyant, Deborah Levin sees a year of "embarrassment and upheaval" for Canada


Peerless Sphere
National Post, 2008 - by Derek McCormack
As a clairvoyant, does Levin find something poetic or amusing or even appalling when she sees millions of people staring at a crystal ball at New Year's?


I Sold My Stocks (The Psychic Said I Should)
Globe and Mail, 2008 - by Sarah Boesveld
Her new clients are overwhelmingly interested in their financial futures. 


Fortunes Turn For Some
Metro, 2008 - TorStar News Service
"The majority of my new clients are people...who are looking for direction or another way of viewing their life."


Psychic Sees nothing Good For The Leafs
Toronto Star, 2008 - by Cathal Kelly
Psychic Deborah Levin uses her clairvoyant abilities to peer into the not-too-distant future.


The Crystal Ball
Toronto Sun, 2004 - by Valerie Gibson
Val consults with two well-know Toronto-based psychics on her love life in 2004 and beyond.


Seeing Things in 2005
National Post, 2004 - by William Hanley
Toronto psychic Deborah levin forecasts for the coming year that a political situation instigated by George W. Bush will upset the markets.


2004 Not Year To Take it Easy:Seer
National Post, 2003 - William Hanley
Psychic sees a big story in diamonds


Reader, We Predict Riches in 2003
Globe and Mail, 2003 - by Rebecca Caldwell
"I don't call it a gift, I call it a different way of thinking..."


That Vision Thing
National Post, 2002 - by William Hanley
"...predictions she made a year ago for 2002 were largely more accurate than those of most Wall Street strategists."


Market Visionary
National Post, 2002 - by William Hanley
Lunch Money gets the crystal ball rolling, with a glimpse into the future for Nortel, the TSE and inflation in 2002


Sherlock Homes
Toronto Star, 1999 - by Wendy Jacobs
Psychic Deborah Levin didn't have a clue about her 117 year old Toronto home, except that it was inhabited by a fluffy, black ghost cat. 


When A Pet Acts Out, Owner's Often At Fault
Toronto Star, 1998 - by Catherine Patch
"She loved it but her cat hated it."

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